Our Miami Lawn Services

Keeping your lawn beautiful takes expert care beyond what many homeowners have the time and experience to provide. Aspects of lawn care like maintaining the ideal soil pH, identifying potentially disastrous diseases, controlling pests and applying the right nutrients to your turf are best left to the lawn care professionals at Southern Scapes.

miami lawn serviceFew lawn maintenance companies offer a complete range of services; some may offer fertilization and pest control while others focus exclusively on landscaping. Our full service Miami landscaping company serves apartment complexes, homeowners associations, banks and other commercial properties with vital services that assist you with keeping beautiful and green lawns and landscape.


These services include:

• Landscaping design, installation and maintenance
• Irrigation system installation, maintenance and repairs
• Site plan evaluation
• Mulch blowing services
• Fertilization
• Pest Control
• Tree removal/pruning/installation

Call the Miami Landscaping Experts!

Landscaping combines both science and art to modify your land with living and abstract elements. Along with adding beauty to your property, apartment complex or business, landscaping works to soften the sharp edges of your property structures.

Our Miami landscaping services are also designed to maximize functionality by using native plants for reduced water usage and decorative elements to accentuate your outdoor living space; adding that extra aesthetic value. Some of the most important aspects of landscaping is the effortless ability to increase property value and add vibrancy to your space. We call it our “natural touch”.

Mulch Blowing Service

Our mulch blowing service is designed to decrease costs while increasing the efficiency of the service. Mulch blowing reduces labor costs, capital costs and improves time management by taking the manual work out of the process.

The Fertilization Specialists

It’s important to fertilize your lawn and landscaping 2-4 times each year using synthetic and natural materials like manure, potassium and phosphorus. Most plants require an array of nutrients not naturally found in Florida soil. It is through fertilization that these ornamentals can acquire the necessary nutrition for a healthy and prosperous diet.

No need to fret if you have a large property. We offer a service called “Z-Spray” which assists us with fertilizing your larger lawn space at a fraction of the time. We offer annual and service-to-service contracts for your convenience.

Irrigation Services Miami

Our Irrigation division will work closely with the landscape installation team to make sure every area of the property is well irrigated and the system is properly maintained. We’re always available if you need additional service calls or repairs to your irrigation system as well.

Do You Need Lawn Service in Miami?

Mowing and watering simply aren’t enough to maintain the beauty of your landscaping. We have the experience and expertise to remove the guesswork that comes with treating your lawn. Enjoy the benefits of our regular care and trust your lawn to the experts at Southern Scapes. We strive to offer both residential and commercial clients with cost-effective and healthy landscaping methods to beautify your property and keep it looking its best.

Once you’ve decided it’s time to sign up for lawn maintenance or Miami landscaping services, call Southern Scapes for a free inspection of your lawn and an estimate. Annual and service-to-service plans are available for your convenience. Call us today!